333 Collins Architecture, Exterior and Interior


The exterior of 333 Collin Street is finished in natural stone, with copper domes and double glazed tinted glass. Finishes in the foyer include granite, sandstone and bluestone. Lift lobbies on each floor are finished in timbers and stone with plaster ceilings and special lighting. The floor covering throughout the office is quality Axminster carpet. Amenities are finished in granite and Tasmanian oak.


The core design is quite different from the traditional cruciform core evident in most Melbourne buildings. Along with the flexible 500mm x 500mm planning module, the core design optimises space planning, resulting in higher occupancy efficiency and savings if tenancies are altered.
On typical floors, the dimension between the perimeter wall and service core is in excess of 11 metres. The floor to ceiling height of 2,850mm is 150mm more than the measurement in most other buildings. This height provides space for an access floor and, importantly, ensures a clear cabling zone is maintained throughout the access space. On each floor there is a large, fully equipped kitchen. Many floors have two kitchens. Appliances include a refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave oven.


The 18 passenger lifts at 333 Collins Street perform as well as they look. Interruptions to journeys are minimised by the relatively short lift rises of no more that 10 floors. Average speed varies from 7.0 metres per second for the High Rise elevators, 4.0 metres per second for the Medium Rise elevators and 3.0 metres per second for the Low Rise elevators. Tenants and visitors are not inconvenienced by goods traffic – the two main goods lifts are accessible only at the loading bay and not at the ground floor.


The air conditioning at 333 Collins Street provides both comfort and economy.
Comfort is enjoyed because of the heat handling capacity of the system and the numerous, well positioned zones on each floor and the efficient air filtering system.
Economies are gained because of several factors, including the ice storage facility, the fresh air cycle and
the computerised control system.. For building constructed ten years ago or more, the typical heat handling capacity for lighting and for tenant equipment is less than 25 watts per square metre. The 50 watts per square metre at 333 Collins Street is at the highest level of buildings in the CBD.


The 333 Collins Street power supply of 60VA per square metre is amongst the highest available in any building in the CBD. Although this level of power exceeds projected requirements, an additional 50% capacity can be easily added. The back up facility of the two 1.5 MVA generators offer stand-by power on the rare occasion of a power blackout. The stand-by power at 333 Collins Street will provide 50% of all requirements for power in the building and Uninterruptible Power Systems will ensure the continued operation of key building systems.


General office lighting at 333 Collins Street is a comfortable 500 lux. The lights are ultra low brightness to minimise glare and are designed specifically for computer screen environments.


The building operation system (BAS), by planning maintenance and optimising energy inputs, enables tenants to significantly reduce outgoings. As the system rapidly detects faults in services and energy systems, problems will generally be rectified with no inconvenience to tenants.


A 24 hour, 7-day per week security team provide guard patrol services, extensive electronic surveillance and door monitoring. Coded proximity access control ensures selective after hours access to lifts, tenancies and particular areas of tenancies. Tenants are able to request daily audit reports noting visitors to tenancies or to restricted areas of tenancies.

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